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          Once a rural farming community, Colleyville’s small town ambiance and big city amenities continue to make it a popular community in the metroplex. Many factors contribute to Colleyville’s winning ways—a public education system recognized as one of the best in the nation, low crime rate, outstanding parks and recreation facilities, proximity to the large employment sectors of Dallas and Fort Worth, and a “town and country” lifestyle beyond compare. While Colleyville residents don’t take these things for granted, they do tend to think it comes naturally—with the emphasis on “natural.”
            While lush lawns and luxurious homes now populate a landscape that once was open farmland and pastures, developers take great care in preserving and working with the area’s natural resources. Even the newest neighborhoods are populated with older trees, carefully preserved and nurtured through the development process. It is this commitment to well-planned development, with an eye toward preserving some of the best rural aspects of Colleyville that keeps newcomers flocking to the city.
            Developers in the city believe that neighborhoods should be about people and creating an environment that goes beyond ordinary housing to bring neighbors together. In developments like Broughton of Colleyville and Whittier Heights, the progressive team at the David Bagwell Company has made the concept of “living” neighborhoods a reality. Eschewing typical suburban design concepts, Bagwell developments are distinguished by their open green space, meandering trails, short cul-de-sacs, and short looping streets—each element designed to encourage social interaction and enhance the area’s outdoor appeal.
            In other cities, public art is abundant on street corners and urban centers, but Colleyville’s neighborhoods constitute the “heart” of this city. Many of Colleyville’s neighborhoods boast grand features and embellished gateways that serve as architectural anchors—adding charm and a “sense of place” to the surroundings.
            It is these identifiable features that most often constitute “public art” in Colleyville.  Whether a covered bridge that straddles the main entrance at Tara or a restored 1760's-era New World Dutch barn overlooking a tranquil lake setting in Whittier Heights, each leaves an indelible memory for residents and visitors, much like a piece of art.
            Colleyville is now acclaimed as one of the premier communities in North Texas. The city is recognized for its well-planned growth and development. Its school district, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, is consistently ranked as one of the best in the state and regularly attains the status of one of the best in the nation. Residential growth has attracted new commercial development that will continue for years.
           In the past quarter of a century, the Colleyville landscape has changed almost beyond recognition. Farms and ranches have faded into memory, but the spirit of those who worked the land and appreciated all that it afforded them remains. It is found in the careful development and preservation of the area’s natural beauty, and in the neighborhoods designed to foster better neighbors and build a better community.
           With all of its assets and attributes, there is little doubt that Colleyville will continue its coveted position at the top of any number of “best of” lists. The city will certainly continue to grow and develop, but always with a commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the land.



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